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Sell your products online with a great ecommerce store.

Your online store filled with powerful editing features and easy to use, managing your online store will be so simple that anyone will be able to do it.

The benefits and possibilities of having your own online store with a shopping cart and selling through a website are almost endless.

E-commerce Website Design

With an online e-commerce you have the opportunity to sell at any time

With an online e-commerce you have the opportunity to sell at any time

You can sell to anyone, at any time of day, anywhere in the world, and often with much less work than a traditional retail store.

Here are a few examples of features that make life easier and can be integrated into your ecommerce platform:

  • Selling physical or digital products
  • B2B – retail pricing for wholesalers
  • Create and manage a membership site
  • Make appointments online
  • Make reservations for accommodation
  • Adding a local payment gateway
  • Integrating transport companies into your online shop
  • Offer online courses and training

The WordPress platform combined with the WooCommerce extension is our preferred online store system.

WooCommerce is a lightweight, open-source extension that works with WordPress.

Designed for small, medium and large businesses, the WooCommerce extension is 100% customizable, powerful and extremely user-friendly.

It has quickly gained the trust of hundreds of thousands of business owners to manage their e-commerce sites.

With its superior level of development, WooCommerce is a solid web solution that offers several competitive advantages:

  • Less heavy and cumbersome features than Magento. These slow down the website and make its development absurdly expensive and complex.
  • None of the frustrating limitations of Shopify’s proprietary CMS. Since the source code can’t be changed, it severely limits the ability to do anything extravagant.

WooCommerce is the most popular online store platform in the world.

It is the ideal e-commerce solution for people and businesses who value efficiency and freedom.

C’est la solution de commerce électronique idéale pour les gens et les entreprises qui apprécient l’efficacité et la liberté.

Online sales of physical and digital products

Your website can be designed to sell not only physical products but also digital items such as e-books, exclusive access videos, online training, event tickets and also your services.

There are literally hundreds of options to make your e-commerce site powerful.

With the WooCommerce system, several additional tools can be added to improve the performance of your e-commerce site.

Consumers who buy on the internet should buy on your ecommerce site!

Creating an e-commerce store is a direct and sustainable investment in the future of your business.

Our global strategy will help you increase your investment.

We not only provide you with a flawless and optimized online store design, but also help you develop an e-commerce strategy tailored to your business.

Help customers find you easily

With our team, your e-commerce site will be optimized for Google.

We create SEO-driven ecommerce pages with compelling, keyword-rich metadata while keeping the navigation structure simple.

Your site also needs to load quickly and be functional on all types of devices.

Captivate web users with an intuitive and dynamic website design

When a visitor accesses your site, you only have a few seconds to persuade them to stay.

To do this, we give your site a professional, reassuring and attractive look, with beautiful images, a good layout and an excellent navigation structure.

We also make your online store relevant by immediately giving the user what they are looking for.

Optimize the shopping cart to get more conversions

Many e-commerce sites fail at this crucial step in the process: completing the purchase.

Most online stores attract visitors and keep them on their site for a few minutes, but they don’t order and leave the site without buying. They’ll probably buy somewhere else and you’ve just lost sales.

Our team understands the processes that lead to a purchase and will do everything we can to make sure your visitors click on your “Buy Now” buttons and complete their purchases.

Make ordering easy with a secure payment process

Finally, we make sure that the payment process is professional and secure so that the customer has confidence in your online store.

The process will be quick and easy, capturing all the information needed. If necessary, we can also integrate it with your order processing and inventory management systems.

Transform complexity into simplicity

  • Do you have a specific ERP or CRM system that you want to integrate with your online store?
  • Or you need a custom shipping calculator for your shopping cart?

Either way, our team is able to simplify all complex problems.

Our developers have the necessary experience to create custom solutions and integrate them with many systems.

Our planning process allows us to :

  • Understand your website and business goals
  • Create a complete and detailed roadmap of the tasks to be performed
  • Perform these tasks for you

These are the basic features included in Woo Commerce

Integration of custom design or prefabricated themes
Whatever concept you have in mind can be integrated into the platform.

Customize your online shop at any time
You have full control over your online store. You have full access to it and can easily change any part of your website.

Unlimited product listing
You can add as many items as you want without any limitation. You also have the option to add as many photos as you want to highlight your products.

Easily publish blog posts or other content pages
This feature is built into the WordPress platform and is used by millions of websites.

Manage categories and attributes
Help customers find your products effortlessly by categorizing them and describing them with attributes (e.g. color).

Sell physical and digital products
The platform facilitates online sales of physical products that are shipped or picked up in-store, as well as downloadable digital products (e-book, photo, video, etc.).

Import and export products
Add and update your products using a CSV file.

Accept different types of payments
Simplify your customers’ lives by offering multiple ways to pay for their cart via Stripe, PayPal, Moneris, or other payment platforms.

Choice of shipping options
Offer your shoppers options for in-store delivery or pickup. You can narrow down the available choices based on your customers’ location.

Calculate shipping rates
Set up a flat rate or specific prices for different products, such as extra charges for heavy items. Calculate and display the appropriate rates at checkout.

Free shipping option
You have the option to offer free shipping on specific products or for specific geographic locations that you determine.

Tax Calculation
Display the taxes according to your store’s shipping address, billing address, or base address. Automatically calculate major tax rates by province, state, or destination.

Payment with or without creating a customer account
Allow customers to sign up for a customer account with an email and password (they can also choose not to sign up). Registered customers can view their previous purchases and checkout faster for future purchases.

Simplify refunds with the click of a button
Offer your customers the ability to get refunds easily. They can be managed directly in the admin panel of WooCommerce.

Easy inventory management
Easily track inventory levels: automatically adjust your merchandise after an order is canceled, receive notifications for out of stock or low quantity products, the ability to hide unavailable items, and more.

Simplified order management
Add customer notes, manually edit inventory, mark items that you have shipped, and manage the order fulfillment process.

Add store managers
Give your team members access to order management and view reports without making them administrators of your site.

Search Engine Optimization
A good search engine positioning is essential for the expansion of your business. The WooCommerce extension works with the WordPress platform, which is recognized as one of the best for SEO practices.

Programmable discounts and discount codes
Program discount codes for a fixed amount, percentage discount, or free shipping. Offer coupons for the entire shopping cart or for select products.

Offer related products
Feature related products to help customers discover similar or complementary items to their purchases to encourage them to make additional purchases.

Complete and detailed reports
View sales, refunds, and coupons for specific time periods. You can also view your top sellers by product, category, brand, etc.

If these basic options don’t meet the specific needs of your ecommerce business, let us know!

Our team is able to provide you with powerful, 100% customized solutions for creating an online store.

Example of a module that can be implemented

Email marketing is a great way to personally connect with your customers

Get your customers to sign up immediately for your newsletters and exclusive offers. This way, you can keep in touch with them and sell them products more easily in the future.

Sync your contacts with Mailchimp, Aweber, MailPoet or any other email marketing program.

Offer your customers a booking tool with calendar

Offer the ability to book your services online. Allow your clients to reserve time slots in your consultation calendar.

Your clients can easily choose the day, date and time of their next consultation, at their convenience, with the option to pay in advance via an integrated payment gateway or on the spot, depending on the payment method chosen.

Event Booking System

Offer your clients the ability to register and pay for your events online.

Add various relevant information: provide details about your events, show a map, photos, limit the number of people, etc.

You can also allow users of your online store to see the list of your events by week or month.

Sales Voucher

Sell printable coupons that can be redeemed in your online store.

Vouchers are ideal for selling events or services to others online.

Dynamic Pricing

Offer discounts for bulk purchases and role-based pricing.

Subscription Package

Create subscription packages for customers. Subscriptions are perfect for selling online training or licensed materials.

POS – Point of Sale

Sell online and in your physical retail store through one POS interface.

Synchronize Accounting

Manage sales easily with automatic sync with Xero, FreshBooks, QuickBooks or other accounting software.

Advanced Search

Make it easy for your customers to find your products by allowing them to search by name, category, price, brand, color, size, and many other attributes.

Simplified sign up via social media

Enable Social Login (authentication to your online store through a social network account) for seamless verification and new account creation.

This saves your customers time and eliminates the need to enter information on your website.

Barcode Generation

Generate unique barcodes for all orders on your e-commerce website.

These barcodes can be used for e-tickets, electronic reservations, delivery notes or anything else that requires the use of scanned barcodes.

Analyze and track sales on your website

Take a close look at the transactions being made on your e-commerce website right in the dashboard :

  • Monthly online sales volumes
  • Best selling or most viewed items
  • Stock levels and much more.

Track the performance and overall conversion rate of your online store with Google

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