Custom Web Application

Custom web application development to increase your business productivity.

When you can’t find a web platform, or open source software, that specifically meets your needs, it’s probably time to create your own custom software. This will simplify and optimize your work process according to your specific needs.

Custom Web Application

What Is A Web Application?

A web app or custom software is an application installed on a web server in the cloud, distributed over the internet and accessible from a web browser on all digital platforms: computer, tablet, smartphone and TV.

A web application generally works like a software installed on your computer. It does not need to be downloaded and will be accessible at all times, regardless of the user’s operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS).

Advantages of a Custom Application

Designing a custom web application is a smart investment that has several long-term and sustainable benefits:

  • Custom designed for your specific business needs
  • Increases productivity
  • Facilitates collaboration and information sharing
  • Access to data at all times
  • Constant software updates
  • More secure against external threats
  • Scalable
  • Technical support

By using software that is 100% customized to meet your needs, your team will feel more confident. They will also be more efficient as they will be able to perform tasks faster and more effectively.

Examples of the Types of Web Applications

Here are some examples of the types of web applications that require the creation of solutions specific to your business 

  • Automate a heavy internal business process.
  • Upgrade your Excel spreadsheets
  • Create a specific purchasing process
  • Forms for your B2B or B2C customers
  • Application to manage your truck fleet
  • Automate your decision making process
  • Web application to share special documents
  • Create reports from different sources
  • Web portal
  • Custom API development
  • Dashboards that connect to third-party APIs
  • Manage your submission and approval requests

Examples of Web Applications We Have Designed

For a record company that wants to have specific reports on their sales. Import Excel files and process the data to finally export sales reports.

For a personal loan company that wants to automate the approval of loan applications. Creation of automated forms where future borrowers enter their personal and banking information to be analyzed using third parties (banking Flinks API, electronic funds transfer provider, etc.) in just a few minutes.

For a travel agency that wants to optimize its operations. Program a CMR to specifically meet their needs: passenger and supplier pickup, task reminders, etc.

Turn Excel Sheets Into a Web Application

Leverage the power of a custom-built web application to allow your staff to easily collaborate, generate reports and automate

It’s time to automate your business and move from Excel spreadsheets – outdated, difficult to manage, and prone to human error – to a powerful application built to your needs.

Use your application in the cloud for optimal accessibility anytime, anywhere. Or you can run it on your intranet behind a firewall for optimal security. Either way, your users have one central place to do their work and keep your business running smoothly.

Custom Web Application Development Process 

Planning and Specification

First, we listen to your needs to understand your business process. Together, we will discuss and determine your specific needs. Then, we will create a specification document that thoroughly describes the parameters of your project.

Finalizing the Feature Plan

We want your web app to work exactly as you envisioned it. 

We’ll create a clear, detailed plan so you can review every detail and approve everything before we begin. 

Final costs are also calculated at this stage, and thanks to the careful planning phase, there will be no surprises at the end!

Web Application Development

Now that the essential functions and features of your application are in place, it’s time to program it. Our PHP development team will use the best tools to create your web application.

Quality Assurance

Now that the application is created, it’s time to test it.

So that you can be assured that your custom web app will perform its job perfectly, our team rigorously tests it on a variety of devices, browsers, and in different scenarios.

That’s it! Your custom web app is ready to go live! 

Web applications can be designed in two ways: 

  • As part of an entirely new website
  • Implemented on an existing website.

Custom Software and Future Functionality

After programming your web application, it is possible to add features that can help your business maximize your technology investment, while using tools your staff is already familiar with. 

Here are some examples:

  • Creating new reports for your accounting department
  • Custom API development

Custom Api Development

In our digitally connected world, it has become increasingly common, if not essential, to integrate enterprise data stored in an external system with your web application. 

Sometimes the integration can simply be handled by synchronizing the data to, or from, a third-party application. However, for real-time data interaction, a custom REST API is required.

We create custom REST APIs that allow companies to automatically migrate and update their important business information from an external system to a web app, and vice versa. 

The API also gives the developer the flexibility to manipulate the data as the information is received or sent.

What is the Difference Between a Website and a Web Application?

A website is defined by its content, and a web application by its interaction with the user. This means that a web site can likely consist of static content distributed to all visitors, whereas a web application is interactive and based on user input and data processing.

For example, a news site is normally considered a “web site”, but spreadsheets or collaborative calendars are considered web “applications”. The news site essentially presents the same information to all visitors, while the calendar displays individual data.

In practice, most web sites with constantly changing content rely on sophisticated programs and databases, but they are mostly defined by their results. The web application is a remote program that relies on background processing and a data storage system

Technologies We Use Wveryday

  • PHP
  • Symfony
  • Laravel
  • MySQL
  • HTML5 
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • Bootstrap
  • View

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