Search Engine Optimization SEO

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a necessary and endless competition. It’s a race for search engine rankings that’s not just about finishing first, but also about staying ahead of the pack to influence the direction of those behind you.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Businesses Have 3 Choices When It Comes To SEO


Work on the site on a regular basis
(Aim for growth)


Work on the site from time to time


Do nothing

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques aimed at optimizing the search engine positioning of a website, application or web page.

Also known as natural or organic SEO, it is a powerful free tool that increases its visibility on the web. With its mastery, along with good practices, it increases the quantity and quality of traffic to your website and helps increase conversion rates.

Its techniques, aimed at making the website appear in the top positions in search engine results, are mostly focused on quality content. Adapted and representative of your business and the services you offer, this content must be as relevant to internet users as it is to the indexing robots.

SEO is the opposite of SEA (Search Engine Advertising), which is paid referencing based on paid ads and sponsored links.

How Search Engines Index Your Website

A site can be considered as a star in the constellation of the Web, with search engines connecting it to other sites that belong to the same constellation. Search engines visit all the sites in your group (similar sites that offer services and use a similar language to yours) to form the corresponding configuration.

So your site is part of a larger system.

What Is The Purpose Of Google

The search engine’s goal is to provide the most useful, accurate, and accessible result for Internet users’ queries. To achieve maximum visibility, your website must please the search engines and work in parallel with them.

Whether those queries are typed into a browser, dictated verbally into a phone, or otherwise performed on other types of devices, the important thing is to be visible in the first search results (ideally on the 1st, and especially on the 1st page of results ).

In order for search engines to refer you first, you need to be recognized and understand that you are the best resource for the internet user who made the request.

Seo Best Practices

Search engines are becoming more sophisticated by the day. With the growing number of online sites, their algorithms are evolving and becoming more sophisticated in terms of content that needs to be of high quality.

Modern SEO techniques no longer use shortcuts and tricks to get on the first page of Google.

Our team uses only the best practices and tactics of today’s SEO techniques:

Content Strategy

Link building

Website that looks good on mobile devices and tablets.

Error code correction

All of our actions are focused on the fundamental goal of search engines: to provide useful, accurate, and accessible search results.

Here’s How We Help Your Business Outperform Itself

Good organic SEO takes time, continuous effort, and experimentation.

It’s about knowing how to work within search engine guidelines while using a variety of tactics.

It is important to build a good SEO strategy that will last for a long time.  A worthwhile and lasting result takes time and constant effort.

1 – Complete Seo Analysis

We start every new project with a full SEO analysis of the current website. We compile all previous SEO work that may have been done, website architecture, content audit, competitor analysis and current rankings.

2 – Keyword Study

Our keyword research is thorough and rigorous. We identify the most important keywords that internet users are using, or could potentially use, to find your website and get to your most important landing pages.

3 – Competitor Discovery And Analysis

We perform an in-depth analysis of your competitors’ websites: content, backlink strategies and current rankings. This process allows us to discover untapped keywords that can easily generate profits.

4- Optimization Of Your Content

Once we have identified a list of keywords, we analyze the existing content of the website to discover its weaknesses, gaps and flaws. New content will be added to the thin pages and new pages will be created.

5 – Technical Optimization

Various technical improvements and optimizations can be made to an existing website:

Increasing the speed of page loading

Reduction of the page size

Optimization of metadata

Restructuring of page content

Improving website architecture

Adding images and videos

Repairing broken links

6- Seo Content Strategy

Content is the oxygen for natural SEO and we strongly believe in its importance. Therefore, we will create a monthly content planning calendar to improve user engagement rates.

We create eye-catching and engaging ad campaigns with original and quality content. 

We can also ensure their distribution on social media.

7 – Definition Of The Objectives

We help you configure goals, events and tracking e-commerce in Google Analytics. This way you can measure conversion rates, whether it’s an online sale, an email subscription or a contact form to fill out. At any given time, your return on investment will be determined.

Conversion rates can and should also be measured on social media.

8- Monthly Reports

Every month you will receive a detailed report with a lot of valuable information:

Monthly progression of keywords

Organic Market Visibility Score to compare the performance of your main competitors

Visitor analysis to show the performance of your website

With our team, you are never in the dark and you are informed about everything.

Some Seo Terms

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SXO Search Experience Optimization: A marketing term that refers to a newer form of SEO that considers the quality of the user experience (UX) in addition to the content and technical aspect of a website’s pages.

Redirect 301: This is a type of permanent redirect that redirects a user from one URL to another URL.

Page 404: A 404 error is a standard message for a “page not found”, which means that the URL is no longer available.

H1 H2 H3 H4 tags: These are HTML title tags (headings) that bring the content of a web page to the forefront by structuring it. The H1 tag is used for the title. 

The H2 H3 tags are usually subtitles and the H4 H5 H6 tags are more commonly used to denote additional information and examples.

Local SEO: Local SEO is based on Local Search Engine Optimization (LSE). Its main goal is to get, rank and use local keyword terms, for example the formula “service offered + location”, to be optimally positioned on Google Map.

These terms are often used by SEO agencies in Montreal and Quebec.

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