Speed up your WordPress website

Optimize Your WordPress Site

A delay of a few milliseconds can cause you to lose a lot of sales. 

A Google PageSpeed study has shown that the bounce rate increases with every second the page takes longer to load.

At any given time, your page can be busier, such as during the holidays, on special days like Black Friday, after a share on social media, etc… 

Your e-commerce site needs to be ready at all times to meet the high demand.

We are here to help you speed up your website and make it more efficient.

Optimize Your WordPress Site

Speeding Up Your WordPress Website Has Several Advantages

Improved User Experience

When your WordPress site displays quickly, visitors enjoy using it more. A fast loading speed increases trust in your website and visitors are more likely to engage with it in a positive way.

Reduced Bounce Rate

A slow website can scare away potential customers, which increases your bounce rate.

By speeding up your WordPress website, you reduce your bounce rate.

Top Search Engine Rankings

Google takes into account the loading speed of a website. 

A faster website gets a better quality score, which improves the search engine ranking.

What Specifically Do We Do To Improve The Loading Speed Of Your Website?

Preliminary Speed Tests

We run several speed tests to determine the performance of your website. 

We also use these results as a benchmark to compare improvements at the end of the job.

Web Hosting Review

We thoroughly analyze the configuration of your web hosting by making it to a series of tests: Is it performing? Is it in the right geographical location for your audience cible ? Is it configured correctly? Does it work with the right resources for your web site?

This in-depth analysis allows you to generate performance statistics. 

Evaluation Of The WordPress Extensions Used

We check the WordPress extensions you are currently using.

Then, we’ll make recommendations on how to reduce the number of plugins you’re using that are slowing down your site. We will also disable the plug-ins that you are not using.

WordPress And Extension Updates

We will update the extensions and core of your WordPress site.

If your plug-ins are completely out of date, this can be the cause of slow pages as well as a risk to your site’s security.

Image Optimization

Generally, this is the fastest way to make the biggest improvements. We make sure that all images are the right size and optimally compressed. 

All images you upload in the future will be optimized automatically. 

Edit/compress JS and CSS files

We compress all JavaScript and style sheets (CSS) and add them to either the header or footer for optimal performance.

Relocate Resources That Block The Fast Display Of The Web Page

We move JS /CSS files, icon images, and Google font code to where they won’t slow down the load time of the visual elements of the page.

Enable Gzip Compression

We enable GZIP compression on your server, which will use fewer resources, reduce load times, and generally give you a faster website.

Lazy Load Images

We can set up lazy loading of images, which reduces load times and bandwidth costs.

Caching Your Website

An essential element of WordPress performance is the use of caching. Caching has the function of pre-creating each page on your website, so that all the processing required to display the page to the visitor is completed before they request the page from your web server. 

Some hosting providers like Kinsta, Cloudways, and WPEngine have built-in caching or their own caching extension, which is part of the reason why they are so fast.

CDN – Content Delivery Network

A CDN is a Content Delivery Network. Its function is to serve images and other files of your website from alternate servers located around the world. The CDN uses the server that is closest to the geographical location of the visitors.

Use HTTPS and HTTP2 protocol

If your website uses HTTPS encrypted mode, your browser software uses the new HTTP2 protocol, which is much faster than its predecessor HTTP 1.1.

WordPress Database Optimisation

You can easily speed up a WordPress database by making sure your database is as small as possible. You can do this by removing any unnecessary data from the database.

An Updated Version Of Php

PHP is the programming language that WordPress runs on. 

PHP 7 is the latest version and is 2 to 3 times faster than PHP 5.6 (PHP 6 was ignored). 

Upgrading from version 5.6 to version 7.0 equates to an overall increase in your site’s loading speed of about 30%. 

Upgrading from version 7.0 to version 7.1 or 7.2 can provide a further 5 to 20% increase in speed.

Implementing Optimal Security

To adequately protect your website from possible hacking attacks, we install a powerful extension that strengthens the security of your website.

Here are some of the features that increase the security of your website: 

Changing access to WordPress admin.

Change the default URL on your WordPress site’s login page so hackers don’t know where to log in.

Double Identification For A Highly Secure Connection

Require users to enter both a password and a secondary code sent to a mobile device or via email. 

Two-factor identification adds an extra layer of security to verify that it is you making the connection.

Protection Against WordPress Connection Attacks

Limit the number of failed login attempts for all users. 

If a hacker tries to find out your password, it will be blocked after a few failed attempts.

File Change Detection

If a hacker manages to get into your website, they can add, delete or change your files. 

Get real-time alerts that show the latest changes to a file to find out if you’ve been hacked.

Strict Application Of Passwords

Choose the group of users on your site (administrators, editors, visitors, etc.) to be protected by strong passwords. 

Applying strong passwords is one of the best ways to secure your WordPress site.

How Can I Test The Speed Of My WordPress Website?

There are several tools to measure the page load speed of your website. They all work a little differently and allow you to calculate different aspects of performance:

If you want to know more about other techniques that exist to improve the loading speed of your web, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Improve your Google rankings with faster load times.

Enjoy faster load times and better site performance.

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