Conversion Features For Your Online Store

Organic optimization and natural search engine optimization increase the success of your business without spending time and money acquiring paid traffic.

To have a profitable online business that attracts lots of visitors, it is important that every page of your online store is optimized for conversions. 


There Are Several Options Available To You To Optimize Your Ecommerce Site

Conversion options are a very effective way to optimize your ecommerce positioning.

The thousands of queries from internet users demand quick and relevant results.

Given the fierce competition between online retailers, especially against giants like Amazon and EBay, search engines have to set high standards for the quality of the pages they recommend.

Here Are A Few Tips On How To Optimize Your E-commerce Site Quickly And Efficiently:

Order Taking Without Distractions

A simple trick that helps customers checkout quickly is to remove the header and footer of the e-commerce site on the checkout page. 

Removing this information means that only the checkout form and payment details are on the page. 

The shopper’s attention will then be 100% focused on the action of going to checkout. 

Research has shown that this approach significantly increases conversions.

We also recommend adding SSL logos and customer testimonials to increase buyer confidence in your website.

Display Important Information Next To The “Add To Cart” Button

Display important information next to the “Add to Cart” button for decision making: 

  • Price and delivery time
  • Exchange and return policy
  • Current promotions and discounts

You can add any other information you think is relevant to convince shoppers to buy now.

Clear and concise information about the terms and conditions of purchase will reassure customers and encourage them to trust your e-commerce website.

The “Add To Cart” Button Must Always Be Visible

The most important button on your product or service page is the “Add to Cart” button and it must always be visible. 

As the user scrolls through the screen, a Sticky Add-to-Cart Button must be visible at all times, at the top or bottom of the browser.

Trustmarks Highlighted

Consumers are often leery of providing their credit card number on a transactional website. 

To increase the trust of internet users, clearly show that your website is secure. Display SSL logos prominently to reassure visitors and turn them into buyers.

Internet users’ comments about your business, your services, and the products you offer are valuable assets. Add a link to Google reviews, or display the most relevant ones on product pages.

Selling With A Stopwatch

Selling with a stopwatch is a psychological Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) technique that can be used on your product or service page. 

The technique consists of displaying a countdown (number of days/hours/minutes/seconds) indicating that this offer is about to end. 

The stopwatch encourages consumers to take action because they are afraid of missing out on this limited time offer. 

Sale Notification

Add social proof that purchases are being made on the site, such as opening a notification pop-up that randomly displays sales from your e-commerce site. 

When your prospective customers see a rush to buy, they’re more likely to participate and buy as well.

Search Bar With Auto-suggestions

Adding an advanced search bar with instant results that appear right when the search term is entered is an effective way to optimize conversions.

According to recent studies, a prominent and visible search bar is up to 3 times more likely to convert visitors than one that is not visible.

Automate Callback Requests (“Request Callback” Feature)

For certain types of products, customers may feel the need to speak with you directly or they may need to call you before making a purchase. 

Offering a simple, always-visible form where users can enter their phone number and request a callback from you is a simple and effective way for your business to be easily accessible.

View Available Inventory In Real Time

Another FOMO tactic that psychologically affects consumers is the fear of losing something, such as a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take advantage of an exceptional offer.

By displaying available inventory, you activate a mechanism that is much more motivating than the prospect of winning something, think about it!

Abandoned Shopping Carts

68% of users abandon their cart before completing it.

There are several reasons why consumers abandon their shopping carts before completing the transaction: the price of delivery, price comparison, looking for a gift or simply that the consumer is not ready to make a purchase. 

However, if the user has entered their email into the order form, you can enter it and send them an email to suggest they complete the transaction or even offer them a discount to motivate them to complete the purchase.

Pop-up For Email Addresses

Getting email addresses to build a contact list is an important measure to grow your business. 

Email marketing is a great way to target your visitors and drive them to your sales area.

Adding a popup window to your ecommerce site to retrieve your visitors’ email addresses is a great way to grow your contact list quickly.

Exit Popup

An exit popup is a popup window that appears on the user’s screen when they try to leave the site.

You can then draw their attention to a special offer or other content on your site, such as your blog, to encourage them to stay on your site longer.

Adding Relevant Videos That Show Your Products In Action

Adding videos to your product page can help visitors imagine how the product could fit into their own lives.

Add A Mega Menu To Your Website

For websites that have many categories, a mega menu provides the opportunity to showcase subcategories as well as popular products, making it easier for consumers to find what they’re looking for.

Create Special Promotions On A Regular Basis

Promotions on your website are a great way to convert your visitors.

Promotions offer several benefits to the business:

  • Increased sales
  • Acquisition of new customers
  • Inventory liquidation
  • Outperform the competitors

Here are some tactics to create a sense of urgency and get your visitors to buy your products now: 

  • Promotion
  • Discount coupons
  • Sweepstakes
  • Free samples
  • Quick Sale
  • “Buy one, get one free” 
  • Free delivery for a limited time
  • Discounts on abandoned shopping carts

Shipping Cost

One of the main reasons for shopping cart abandonment is shipping costs.

It is important to offer the calculation of shipping costs in the shopping cart or even on the page of your products in the form of a pop-up window. 

It’s proven that customers will spend more if the shipping is free. If you offer free shipping, show this visibly in the navigation header. 

Return Policy

A return policy is an element of trust that reassures buyers. 

Display a link to your return policy prominently on your product pages, on the payment page, and in your footer.

Suggest Related Products

When a customer comes to your website through a search engine, it’s often because they don’t yet know what product they need or where they can get it, but they have a good idea of what they want. 

Offering related products is a great way to help them find the right product or offer complementary products.

There are several places on an e-commerce website where you can add product suggestions:

  • On the product page
  • A popup after the customer adds a product to their shopping cart
  • In the shopping cart

To suggest your related products, here are a few examples of phrases that create an element of curiosity and encourage the customer to take action: 

  • “Customers who viewed this item also viewed”
  • “Products frequently purchased together
  • “Items that are frequently purchased together with this one”
  • “You might like this”
  • “They also bought these products”

A Responsive Website That Adapts To Different Screens Is Essential For Your Online Business

Creating a website that adapts to the different screens of mobile devices will improve sales and possibly your search engine ranking.

Anatomy Of An Optimal Product Page

Several elements are important to make your product pages performant. Here are a few tips and tricks to optimize your product pages for guaranteed conversion.

Information That Must Be Included In The Product Page Header

The header of the pages that showcase your products on your e-commerce site must include the following options: 

  • Promotional ribbon
  • Advanced search bar with instant result suggestions
  • Offer bar with discount code
  • Company contact information
  • Mega menu

Presentation Of The Products

A beautiful and clear layout is essential for the product information pages you offer. Several elements can quickly optimize your product pages: 

  • Simplified navigation between the previous and next product page.
  • Zoom on the product image for more details
  • Visibility of inventory to encourage purchases
  • Buttons to increase/decrease (+/-) the quantity of the product added to the cart
  • Customize the “Add to Cart” button with a style and color that matches the company’s image
  • Include reasons for purchase
  • Increase trust with security badges
  • Optional wish list functionality
  • Icons to share on various social media, including WhatsApp
  • An additional tab for shipping costs to encourage purchase
  • FOMO popup that highlights previous sales

Information Added To The Bottom Of The Page

The footer of the product page is where all relevant information about your business and terms and conditions should be located: 

  • Copyrights
  • Website map
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and conditions of use
  • Company contact information: Website, phone number
  • Address with link to map (Google Map)
  • Navigation
  • Return policy
  • Shipping
  • Icons for social networks
  • Registration by e-mail
  • User account registration

Improve your ecommerce store!