What is a Full Stack Developer?


Full Stack Developer is someone who can work on the entire life cycle of web development, is a programmer who specializes in development for both the front end ( user interface ) and back end ( server side ) of a web application as a full stack development service. The term “full stack” comes from the stack of software layers that make up the entire system architecture.

They have knowledge in web design concepts like Responsive Design, cross browser compatibility, SEO friendliness, programming language and so on.

What Is a Front End Developer?

Front end web developers are the ones who develop the user interface of your website, and are responsible for building it from the ground up with graphics and resources provided by the graphic designer to place in the interface. Your website consists of many user interface components such as content, forms, menu items, and buttons that are responsible for the overall interaction between the content and the visitor. The front end developer can use these technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery, AngularJS, REACT or VueJS to create and customize the look and feel of your website.

Below are some brief examples of the front-end specific tasks that a full-stack developer can perform:

  • Programming HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create the user interface (UI).
  • Performing hands-on testing of the user interface of a Web site or Web application
  • Designing and implementing a new feature(s) in an application.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is at the heart of the Internet. Your favorite websites are built with HTML, with all the structure and content handled by HTML code.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are style sheets used to format text, control font size and family, colors and backgrounds. CSS allows for the separation of presentation and content. It is used to achieve basic styling effects such as margins, padding, and background colors.

JavaScript enables the development of interactive web pages, sophisticated animations, and even fully functional web applications.

What is a Back End Developer?

Back end Developer deals more with server-side programming. Back end developers are responsible for all the code that handles business logic, sessions, dynamic content, databases, APIs, and other back end operations. The main languages used by one2crowd developers are PHP with MySQL, using PHP frameworks Laravel or Symfony.

The following are some brief examples of backend-specific tasks that a full stack engineer might perform:

  • Creating all CRUD (create, read, update, delete) methods for an application.
  • Programming the data layer to store user information.
  • Create or work with a database
  • Creating or working with an API

PHP is the most popular server side scripting language. It is the main language used in the backend of websites.

Laravel and Symfony are a PHP development framework for developing applications, has many features and libraries, it is great for building websites, web applications and APIs (Application Programming Interface).

MySQL is a database: an organized collection of data maintained as records. MySQL provides lightning-fast database processing.

Other back-end skills, such as automated testing frameworks, security, server configuration, cloud computing and performance, may also be useful.

Quality of a Full Stack Web Developer


A full stack developer is highly skilled and has exceptional programming skills. They are well-versed in many aspects of software development and have the ability to integrate various technologies to create great products.

Knowledge of their own work

A full stack developer are good at analyzing what needs to be done and knowing what elements of the project are critical. They are also good at effectively analyzing a project and breaking it down into smaller parts to make their solutions easier to understand.

Outside The Box Thinking

A full stack web developer are known for being pioneers in the world of technology and thinking outside the box. This is what sets them apart from the rest of the competition and allows them to deliver products that no one has thought of before.


A full stack web developer has great versatility and experience. They are able to do almost everything in the software, which is why they have the ability to integrate various frameworks and third-party APIs into their solutions

Be a good leader

A full stack developer is highly motivated and an excellent leader in the sense that they know what to do and are able to lead their team in their projects. They are also good at communicating effectively with team members and solving problems quickly.

Be fully motivated

A full stack web developer is highly motivated and passionate about what they do. This allows them to be leaders in their industry and find creative solutions to complex problems.

Be professional

A full stack web developer knows how to focus on deadlines and can communicate effectively with both their team members and clients. They understand the importance of meeting deadlines, which allows them to keep projects on track and maintain relationships with their clients.

Be a Team Player & Coach

A full stack web developer can be relied upon by other team members for their experience and knowledge of software development, making them a great advisor to trust when it comes to solving technical problems on projects.

Be self-reliant

A full stack web developer is able to learn on their own and can stand on their own without supervision, which allows them to focus only on the tasks at hand.

Have a vision

A full stack web developer understands that they need to consider the various constraints of a project as well as the overall design of the application before making a decision.

Technically savvy

A full stack web developer is technically savvy and familiar with the latest trends in the industry, so they are always on the cutting edge of technology. They know how to look for solutions and solve problems with new technologies that help them create amazing products.

Understanding your budget

A full stack web developer is good at analyzing your budget and creating a project plan that works best for you and your business. They can create an estimate for your project based on the requirements and a project plan that matches your budget.

Integrity and Collaboration

A full stack web developer strives to do a great job. They will do everything in their power to provide you with the best possible solution that you have asked for. They are also known for being reliable and honest as they keep their word.


A full stack web developer has an understanding of the entire software development process, from concept to completion, which allows them to communicate with stakeholders and developers in a clear and concise manner. Communication is essential to any project as it allows you to manage expectations and timelines effectively and easily.

What is a MEAN stack developer?

MEAN stack developers specialize in technologies such as MongoDB, Expressjs, AngularJs, and NodeJS. A MEAN stack developer is like a JS-based developer.


Full stack engineers can be ideal for you if you want to hire programmers with the technical skills and experience they have, as well as the flexibility they have. They can work on different layers of an application, which allows them to combine their knowledge of programming languages and knowledge of technologies. However, full stack developers do not rely on just one technology and are able to adopt new technologies when needed.

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